Best SAKE selected by French Sommeliers!! in東京


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Best SAKE selected by French Sommeliers!!

Figure it out to discover the new chapter of Japanese sake

2018/1/19(金) 18:30~2018/1/19(金) 20:30

イベント受付開始時間 2018/1/19(金) 18:00~

Pasona Inc. Job-Hub Square 1st floor TRAVEL HUB MIX

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Kura Master

What kind of Japanese sake French people prefer?

We will hold the Premium Tasting Session with Top 10, including the conference about possibilities of Japanese Sake in France, the panel discussion with the sakes brewers and the jurys,

Kura Master

5members of judges form Kura Master will visit Japan in January 2018. They judged 550 different Japanese sakes at the Kura Master, Japanese sake competition in France. On this occasion, we will invite you to the Premium Tasting Session, for the purpose of exchanging ideas from
both French and Japanese culture and promoting it in France. At the place
, we also invite not only brewers
award winners and french judges but also
its importers and its vendors.


Date: January 19th (Fri) 2018
Time: 18:30 (the door open at 18:00)
Place: Pasona Inc. Job-Hub Square 1st floor TRAVEL HUB MIX
2-6-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 

Price: ¥4000 ( including tasting ticket, glass, a bottle of water)
*Tickets are sales only at the PassMarket,
*Please understand that some of tasting sakes might be out of stock.
Food: finger foods that fit Japanese sakes,including French cheese
Numberof brewers : 7 brewers who awarded TOP10 and some others…


Ticket to buy


Prix de président
Shichida Junmai ginjo Omachi 50 / TENZAN SAKE BREWERY CO.,LTD, Saga

Prix de jury
Hananoka Oka / HANANOKA SHUZO CO.,LTD,Kumamoto

Médailles de Platine / Junmai Daiginjo

Junmaidaiginjo Kinokuniya Bunzaemon / NAKANO BC KABUSHIKI KAISYA, Wakayama

Shichida Junmai ginjo Omachi 50 / TENZAN SAKE BREWERY CO.,LTD, Saga

Kihotsuru Junmai ginjo Yamada-Nishiki / Kiyama-Syoten&co.,ltd, Saga

Mizubasho Junmai daiginjo Sui / NAGAI SAKE Inc., Gunma

Hananoka Oka / HANANOKA SHUZO CO.,LTD,Kumamoto

Médailles de Platine / Junmai

Fukucho Junmai ginjo Hattanso / Imada Sake Brewery Co,.Ltd, Hiroshima

Bunkajin Junmaishu / ARISAWA Co., LTD, Kōchi

Shichida Junmai /TENZAN SAKE BREWERY CO.,LTD, Saga

Shichida Junmai ginjo / TENZAN SAKE BREWERY CO.,LTD,Saga

Nishinoseki Tezukuri Junmaishu / KAYASHIMA SAKE BREWING CO.,LTD.,Ōita

and other award winners Japanese sakes….


18:00~ The door opens
*Please show your ticket QR code to staffs.

18:30~ Program starts

Conference by judges, what kind of Japanese sake French people prefer?
Speaker : Kura Master judges 

Panel discussion with judges, the important elements to promote Japanese sake in France.
Facilitator: Kei Miyagawa, Representative steering committee
Speakers : Kura Master judges and award winner brewers

Presentation from Pasona, Travel Hub Mix and Profelier  

Tasting session and Networking
We offer finger foods and french cheese that can express French taste in a standing style. During this time, please share a moment and exchange ideas with judges from France and brewers for next year.

20:30 all program ends

*Please note that the program might change.


Co-sponsored ·Information on the Profelier booth


At the Profelier special booth, we will hold "Table Tea Ceremony Experience Program" by registered professional "Hiroko Kanbayashi" at the same time.

Hiroko kanbayashi

*One-on-one and professional matching service to meet new people

More information from here


Experience program

To pursue your mind and to face uncontrollable time for yourself
< Table tea ceremony experience >

Tablet ceremony experience

Professional / registered professional "Hiroko Kanbayashi"

The tea ceremony is so pleasant! Tea ceremony where sitting straight is not needed.

Specialized achievements

· At the age of 11, she entered the Sado Sohenryu and
practiced it for 15 years until the birth of the second child. She started it
again when her three children have grown up. In 2013 she encountered Musha Koji Senke
s "Workshop" which presented table tea ceremony. Then she opened the course, Ayu table tea ceremony that anyone can feel free to enjoy. In
, she hold table tea ceremony events in Hong Kong on March and in New York on October.


·June 1986 ~ Professor of Sado Sohenryu
·August 2013 ~ Representative Director,Japan Table Tea Ceremony Association

Awards Achievement

·2015 Women's Business Grand Prix Special Award
·2015 Japan idea realization project women entrepreneurial challenge Grand Prix won prize
·2017 "Ginza Second Life Business Contest" won first prize

Book record

·"Tea ceremony classroom @ Akihabara by corporate subsidy" Publisher:

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter if you like.
Twitter @kuramasterparis
Instagram @kuramasterparis





· Only those over 20 years old can participate.
· Drinking alcohol for underage is prohibited by law.
· Purchase of pass market tickets is required for participation.
· No refund after purchase.
· Please understand that some of tasting sakes might be out of stock.
· If the organizer decides that other customers will be inconvenienced by drunkness, trouble, etc., you may be forced to leave.



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