THEATRE MOMENTS vol.24 『Frankenstein / The Creature』10/24 in東京


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THEATRE MOMENTS vol.24 『Frankenstein / The Creature』10/24

2020.10/24 14:30~ Performance 

2020/10/24(土) 14:30~2020/10/24(土) 16:30

イベント受付開始時間 2020/10/24(土) 14:00~

20 min. by rapid train from Keio line [Shinjuku Station]

  • THEATRE MOMENTS vol.24 『Frankenstein / The Creature』10/24 イベント画像1

  • THEATRE MOMENTS vol.24 『Frankenstein / The Creature』10/24 イベント画像2

  • THEATRE MOMENTS vol.24 『Frankenstein / The Creature』10/24 イベント画像3

"I know 'Frankenstein', but I've never read the original story."

Aren't there quite a few of these people? 
The original story by Mary Shelley is not a horror, it is a full-length novel considered as "The World's First Science Fiction". The image of 'Franken' for most people are probably a monster with a bolt in his neck, but that comes from the figure in the movie film version.
The original story is a love-hate drama between the "creature" and the "scientist" who created it, with diverse of theme such as "Science Development",  "Discrimination and Prejudice" and "Intelligence". Based on the original novel, MOMENTS version is adapting it to stage with fertile imagination reflecting on various issues that are brought to light by the coronavirus pandemic, fully using MOMENTS' signature physicality, ensemble and props. Now, in this time surrounded by invisible fear, I would like to think about how to deal with the unknown fear through this piece.

Adaptor/Director  Daisuke Sagawa

Masato Aoki              
Akira Okubo(En-Company)  
Kenta Konno(THEATRE MOMENTS)    
Chobitsuki Amemiya   
Shota Tomono(PURISSIMA)        
Kanako Toyoda   
Clare Nakahara(THEATRE MOMENTS)   
Shumpei Mitsuhashi 


*10/21(Wed):Visual Assistance: Audio description available

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※October 25, 2:30-4:30 p.m. 
We will stream a pay-per-view video matching with the performance( With English subtitles) Special 30-minute videos will also be available from 4:30 p.m. … For details, check here

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Supported by grants from Arts Council Tokyo Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
Cooperation with Foundation for the promotion of Chofu city's culture and community
Design and production organized by THEATRE MOMENTS




2020/9/21(月) 11:00~

2020/10/24(土) 00:00




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