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Hikone Bar-Hopping Drink Tickets

Experience the real nightlife in the local Castle Town!

2023/6/22(木) 00:00~2023/9/30(土) 23:59

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 What is this ticket for?

Located in an abundant natural environment near the center of Japan’s main island, along the biggest lake "Lake Biwa," Hikone is known as a charming castle town. In Hikone, there's a district called Fukuromachi where is famous of Japanese traditional snack bars. 

Since each bar has their own pricing system, which can be confusing for first-time visitors, we are offering easy-to-use tickets for your convenience to try some of the local bars and restaurants and enjoy a special night out in Hikone.


2 bars:6,000 yen (JPY)

3 bars:9,000 yen (JPY)

Snack Bar Culture in Fukuromachi, Hikone 

Fukuromachi is a district around the Hikone’s Kawara area, which includes about 100 snack bars, hostess bars, and izakaya restaurants. These are all clustered in fukuro-koji (lit. “blind alleys”), which is how the area became known as Fukuromachi.

In the past, Fukuromachi was actually a red-light district, with brothels occupying much of the district, reaching a peak of 69 such establishments in 1929. But those businesses were ordered to shut down in 1958, and so the area began a transformation into the Fukuromachi of today. The new district thrived, becoming the largest nightlife district of Shiga’s Koto region (east side of Lake Biwa). Walking through the alleys, some of the buildings still retain elements of the former district such as Bengara-goshi (red lattice), offering a glimpse into the past.

Fukuromachi now offers a variety of places to gather and socialize, from traditional snack bars to more casual, modern ones. Yet, the snack bar remains a popular favorite.

Experience the real nightlife of local Japan that you can't find in big cities!!

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Café & Bar Uruwashi

 Business hours 19:00〜24:00

 No. of seats 40

 Regular holiday Sundays & Holidays

 1 hour includes 2 drinks of your choice (except beer) & 1 appetizer

Eat Pub Matenro

 Business hours 20:30〜

 No. of seats 24

 Regular holiday Sundays & Holidays

 2 glasses of beers & appetizer


Japanese Snack Setsuko

 Business hours 19:30〜25:00

 No. of seats 9

 Regular holiday Sundays & Holidays (open by reservation)

 1 hour (shochu liquor / whisky) & 1 appetizer


Snack Logan

 Business hours 20:00〜25:00

 No. of seats 20

 Regular holiday Sundays

 1 hour unlimited drinks & 2 appetizers (homemade dish & dry snacks)


Snack & Bar Luna

 Business hours 20:00〜26:00

 No. of seats 10 counter seats / 20 booth seats

 Regular holiday Sundays & Mondays (& occasionally for holidays, obon and New Years)

 1 hour for unlimited drinks & 1 appetizer


Snack Saint Laurent

 Business hours 20:30〜25:00

 No. of seats 15

 Regular holiday Sundays & Holidays

 1 hour for up to 3 drinks of your choice (shochu liquor / whisky) & 1 appetizer (dry snack)


Izakaya En

 Business hours [Mon/Wed/Thu] 19:00〜24:00 [Fri/Sat] 19:00〜26:00

 No. of seats 15

 Regular holiday Sun, Mon & Holidays

 Choice of 2 dishes & 2 drinks


Leader’s Bar

 Business hours 20:00〜28:00

 No. of seats 34

 Regular holiday Sundays

 Choice of either (1) 1 hour of unlimited drinks, or (2) 1 hour for 2 drinks plus golf simulator


⑨Tavern Takazono

 Business hours 21:00〜25:00

 No. of seats 12

 Regular holiday Sundays & Holidays

 3 drinks of your choice & 1 appetizer



 Business hours 20:30〜25:00

 No. of seats 20

 Regular holiday Sun, Mon & Holidays

 50 minutes for unlimited drinks (shochu liquor / whisky / beer)


⑪Snack Sakuranbo

 Business hours 19:00〜

 No. of seats 24

 Regular holiday Sun, Mon & Holidays

 1 hour for unlimited drinks (whisky / shochu liquor / brandy), 1 dry snack & 3 appetizers




2023/6/22(木) 00:00~

2023/9/29(金) 23:59




Hikone Bar-Hopping Drink Tickets




This ticket is non-refundable and it has a expiration date. Don't forget to use it before it expires.


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